Mick Armstrong is the author of 1,2,3, What are we Fighting for? The Australian Student Movement from its Origins to the 1970s, “Aboriginal Problems of Race and Class” in Rick Kuhn (ed.), Class and Struggle in Australia, and co-author of The Labor Party. A Marxist Analysis, he has written on Australian labour history and the Middle East.

Rebecca Barrigos was was the National Education Officer at the National Union of Students in 2005, and coordinated the campaign against Voluntary Student Unionism, the Howard government’s attacks on student unions.

Sandra Bloodworth has been active in politica since the mid-1970s in a wide range of campaigns and strikes including the campaign to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine and the Refugee Action Collective. She is co-editor of and contributor to Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History, and author of How Workers Took Power: the 1917 Russian Revolution, and A Crime Beyond Denunciation. A Marxist Analysis of Capitalist Crisis. She has also written on Aboriginal oppression, imperialism and the Middle East.

Adam Bottomley has been a member of the Australian Services Union since 2002, and a delegate since 2008. As the Education Officer at La Trobe University in 2005 he played a leading role in the anti-Voluntary Student Union campaign. He has been involved in a wide range of struggles, more recently, in the campaign to support the Baiada chicken workers' strike.

Tom Bramble has been a socialist activist since the late 1970s. He is a senior lecturer in industrial relations at the University of Queensland. He has published four books and 50 journal articles and book chapters on political economy and the labour movement in Australia and overseas. Tom’s most recent book is Labor’s Conflict: Big Business, Workers and the Politics of Class, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 2011 (with Rick Kuhn).

Diane Fieldes has been active since the early 1970s in many campaigns such as those for Aboriginal rights and against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the Refugee Action Coalition. She teaches at the University of New South Wales. Author of “From Exploitation to Resistance and revolt: the working class” in Rick Kuhn (ed.), Class and Struggle in Australia, and “Equal Pay: The Insurance Industry Struggle, 1973-75” in Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O’Lincoln (eds.), Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History.

Nick Fredman became politically active in the free education campaign of the late 1980s and was involved in campaigns in solidarity with East Timor and the Indonesian democratic movement. He is active in the NTEU and has written frequently for Green Left Weekly and Links.

Ben Hillier has contributed to Counterpunch and the journal Marxist Interventions. He is an editor of Red Flag newspaper and website

Pip Hinman has been active since the mid-1980s in a range of campaigns and helped found Green Left Weekly in 1991. She is a founding member of the Sydney Stop the War Coalition and a member of the NTEU. She is a member of the Socialist Alliance national executive.

Allyson Hose has been active since the mid-1990s in campaigns to defend student unions and in numerous anti-racism campaigns, most recently the campaign against the NorthernTerritory Intervention. She is the co-author of Women’s Oppression, Class and Capitalism (with Sandra Bloodworth and Fleur Taylor).

Cecilia Judge been a member of the Australian Services Union since 2005. She was a delegate at the time of the Equal Pay campaign. At present she is the vice-chair of the ASU Metropolitan Delegates Committee in Melbourne. 

Vashti Kenway was a founder of Students for Palestine and was one of the “Max Brenner 19” (activists arrested for demonstrating outside a shop that gives money to the Israeli military).

Sam King has been a socialist activist for 20 years since joining the Democratic Socialist Party. He led anti-racism campaigns in the late 1990s and student walkouts against the 2003 Iraq invasion. He has been active against Australian support for the Suharto military dictatorship, supporting socialists in Indonesia and East Timor, and in solidarity with the Cuban and the Venezuelan revolutions.

Rick Kuhn has been active in numerous campaigns since the mid-1970s; he was the convener of the anti-war coalition in Canberra opposing the invasion of Iraq. He teaches at Australian National University. His many writings include contributions to Class and struggle in Australia and a book, with Tom Bramble, Labor’s conflict: big business, workers and the politics of class; he is a co-editor of Marxist Interventions.

Tess Lee Ack has been an active socialist and a member of the teachers' union since the early 1970s. She is the author of The Marxist Tradition and Women's Liberation and co-author with Sandra Bloodworth of Genocide: The Australian Way.

Daniel Lopez completed his BA (Hons.) at Melbourne University in 2013, and wrote his thesis on Georg Lukács’s works from the 1920s. He is presently researching a PhD on Lukács, Hegel and Marx at La Trobe University, with a view to contributing to a revival of the Hegelian-Marxist current in philosophy and on the revolutionary left.

Dougal McNeill is active in the Tertiary Education Union (NZ). He has been a member of the International Socialist Organisation Aotearoa/New Zealand since the late 1990s, and is currently an editor of Socialist Review. He is the author of The Many Lives of Galileo (2005) and Forecasts of the Past: Globalisation, History, Realism, Utopia (2012).

Corey Oakley is an editor of Red Flag newspaper and website

Louise O’Shea was active in student politics in the anti-capitalist movement of the early 2000s and National Union of Students Education Officer in 2006. She has been involved in the campaigns against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and is presently active in the same-sex marriage campaign.

John Percy was the national secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party until the fusion between the RSP and Socialist Alternative. He was a founder of the socialist youth organisation Resistance in 1967 and the Socialist Workers League, later the Democratic Socialist Party, in 1972. He was editor of the DSP’s newspaper Direct Action over many years, and national secretary of the DSP from 1991 to 2005.

Sam Pietsch is the author of a PhD about Australia’s military intervention in East Timor in 1999. He has been active in socialist politics for over a decade and is a militant in the Community and Public Sector Union in Canberra.

Susan Price has been politically active since 1990, and has been involved in campaigns for women’s rights, and in the labour, environment and international solidarity movements. She is currently a national co-convenor of the Socialist Alliance and a member of its national trade union steering committee.

Liz Ross has been active in women’s and gay liberation and socialist politics since the early 1970s. Author of “Dedication doesn’t pay the rent! The 1986 Victorian Nurses Strike” in Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O’Lincoln (eds.), Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History, Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win! Builders Labourers Fight Deregistration, 1981-94 and “Building Unions and Government Reform: the Challenge for Unions” in the Journal of Australian Political Economy

Liam Ward has been active in anti-racism campaigns since 2002. He has been a delegate in the National Tertiary Education Union for the past fifteen years. He lectures in Media and Communication at RMIT University, where his PhD involves producing a film about Chinese labour activism in Australian history.

Roz Ward has been active in socialist politics in Australia since 2008 and is currently an NTEU delegate at La Trobe University. As a student  officer bearer in the UK, she was a leading member of the anti-war movement and LGBTI rights campaigns. She is the author of a chapter in the upcoming book Multicultural Queer Australia.

Katie Wood is the reference archivist at the University of Melbourne Archives, and is a delegate and branch committee member of the National Tertiary Education Union.