Topic: Stalinism

Confronting the Stalinist legacy

One of the magnificent features of the Arab revolutions is the ruthless manner in which they have exposed the dirty, duplicitous, hypocritical, blood-soaked truth about the global political establishment. As the revolutionary wave spread to envelop almost the whole of North Africa and the Middle East, Western politicians, diplomats, university heads, business executives and government bureaucrats squirmed, as evidence of their ties with the despots of the Arab world circulated across the internet.

Lenin vs "Leninism"

Sandra Bloodworth attacks the persistent myths and misconceptions about "Leninism with an examination of Lenin's writings and activities as he struggled to build a revolutionary party.

Lenin's theory of imperialism: a defence of its relevance in the 21st century

Sam King argues against what he sees as errors of interpretation of Lenin and analyses of imperialism by International Socialist tendency theorists and various others who have been at one time associated with that tradition.

The origins of the criminal Assad dynasty

Omar Hassan confrontsĀ the myth that the Assad dynasty in Syria was ever socialist or anti-imperialist.

Russia 1917: gender, class and the Bolsheviks

Sandra Bloodworth looks at the impact of identity politics on some of the best feminist and social historians of the Russian revolution.