Topic: Eastern Europe

Croatian nationalism

Robert Bollard looks at the history of the crisis in former Yugoslavia.

Stalin’s industrialisation and the myth of the planned economy

Anne Picot debunks the commonly held idea that the USSR was an example of a planned economy.

The Left and Gorbachev

Marxist historian Robert Bollard surveys a range of responses to Mikhail Gorbachev on the broad left, and finds them wanting.

Partisans and revolutionaries, resistance fighters and firebrands. The radical Jewish tradition

The contemporary narrative of Jewish history is one of ghettos, pogroms, suffering, oppression – Jews as the eternal victims. In this study Janey Stone presents an alternative view which shows that Jews have repeatedly fought back against their oppression. It is the story of the radical Jewish working class and the development of class consciousness, organisations and socialist ideas. This is an account of a continuous history of struggle, an international mass movement, that flows almost uninterruptedly for more than six decades and through at least three continents. This is not a niche history, of interest only to specialists. The Jewish working-class struggles are a central component of the struggle of the international working class for revolutionary socialist change – not as an interesting side issue but at the core.

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