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The Marxist Left Review is a peer-reviewed theoretical journal published twice yearly by Socialist Alternative, a revolutionary organisation based in Australia. We aim to engage with theoretical and political debates on the Australian and International left, making a rigorous yet accessible case for Marxist politics. We also seek to provide analysis of the social, political and economic dynamics shaping Australian capitalism.

Unless indicated otherwise all articles published reflect the views of the individual author.

Suggestions for articles and reviews are welcome, please contact the editors with proposals via email. Marxist Left Review articles may be re-posted elsewhere so long as an acknowledgement and link to the original version is provided.

For day to day news and analysis, Socialist Alternative also publishes a fortnightly newspaper, Red Flag.

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Editor: Omar Hassan

Editorial Board: Mick Armstrong, Sandra Bloodworth, Omar Hassan, Louise O’Shea, Jordan Humphries

Reviews Editor: Alexis Vassiley

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Web: www.marxistleftreview.org

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