Topic: Latin America

Learning from disaster: The Workers' Party and the left in Brazil

Mick Armstrong critically assesses the experience of the Workers' Party, concluding that a far more independent approach was required by revolutionaries who participated.

Mariátegui: A South American revolutionary

Tom O'Lincoln examines the politics of an influential Latin American revolutionary, Jose Mariátegui.

Choosing between life and Capital in Latin America: Interview with Jeffery R. Webber

Róbert Nárai speaks to Jeffrey R. Webber on how the unfolding health crisis in Latin America is reshaping politics across the region. (This interview was conducted on 15 May 2020. In the meantime, figures for deaths and infections in Latin America have increased significantly.)

Argentina: Opportunities for the left grow amid debates within the FIT-Unidad

Sergio García and Mariano Rosa of the Workers’ Socialist Movement (MST) in Argentina analyse the electoral success of the Left Front (FIT-Unidad), and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Review: The PT, Bolsonaro and Lula’s comeback

Ben Reid reviews two books dealing with the turbulent political and economic situation in Brazil in recent years.