Topic: Palestine

Why the Australian state supports Israel so stridently

Vashti Kenway looks at why Australia is so close to Israel.

The origins of the criminal Assad dynasty

Omar Hassan confrontsĀ the myth that the Assad dynasty in Syria was ever socialist or anti-imperialist.

The siege and resistance in Gaza: Interview with Toufic Haddad

Palestinian intellectual and author Toufic Haddad speaks about the state of Palestinian politics in the context of an inspiring new round of popular resistance.

The Gulf War, Israel and the Palestinians

In this fascinating piece, Janey Stone surveys the response of Israelis and Palestinians to the first Gulf war, and how it set the scene for the coming Oslo accords.

Editorial: Amidst a genocide, solidarity with Palestine grows

Omar Hassan reviews the international movement in solidarity with Palestine and discusses some of the political debates it has generated.

Palestine and the classless politics of settler colonial theory

Jordan Humphreys builds on his earlier work in critiquing settler colonial theory, this time as applied to arguably its strongest possible case.

Hamas: A Marxist appraisal

Omar Hassan critically assesses the Palestinian organisation Hamas, arguing that its politics and strategy offer no possibility of achieving Palestinian liberation.