Issue -2 — Winter 1990

Editorial (SR Vol 2)

Sandra Bloodworth explains the rationale for establishing the Socialist Review as a twice-yearly journal.

The poverty of patriarchy theory

In this important piece, Sandra Bloodworth critiques feminist theories of women's oppression, focusing

Dinky-di domination: Australian imperialism and the South Pacific

David Glanz documents the sordid history of Australian imperialism in the South Pacific.

The Industrial Workers of the World in Australia

In this fascinating piece, Mick Armstrong explores the politics of the heroic Industrial Workers of the World, Australia's first mass revolutionary working class movement.

The utopian fantasy of post-fordism

Tom Bramble assesses and rejects the argument that the end of 'fordism' means the end of working class power.

MariƔtegui: A South American revolutionary

Tom O'Lincoln examines the politics of an influential Latin American revolutionary, Jose MariƔtegui.

Reading on Eastern Europe

Tess Lee Ack surveys contemporary literature that can assist readers to understand the fall of the Berlin Wall and its broader significance.