Issue -5 — Autumn 1992

Editorial (SR Vol 5)

Sandra Bloodworth introduces the contents of the fourth issue of the journal.

Rape, sexual violence and capitalism

In this groundbreaking piece, Sandra Bloodworth critiques bourgeois feminist approaches to understanding and combating rape and sexual violence.

The Left and Gorbachev

Marxist historian Robert Bollard surveys a range of responses to Mikhail Gorbachev on the broad left, and finds them wanting.

Poststructuralism: A Marxist alternative – part two

In part two of this series on poststructuralism, Tony Sullivan critiques the ideas of Nietzsche, Foucault and Derrida, putting forward alternative views of power and social control.

The Australian economy in the 1980s

Tony Belcher examines the Australian economy during the 1980s, arguing that the Australian capitalism was in a weak position going forward.

The rise and fall of Gough Whitlam

Tom O'Lincoln recounts the rise and fall of Australia's last reforming government, finding that the myths of Whitlam's radical policies do not reflect the more pragmatic reality.

The Accord and the state of working class organisation

Tom Bramble reviews the weakened state of workers' organisations in Australia after a decade of the Accord.