Issue -3 — December 1990

Editorial (SR Vol 3)

Sandra Bloodworth introduces the contents of the third issue of the journal.

Australian perceptions of Japan: The history of a racist phobia

Phil Griffiths explores the origins and ongoing realities of anti-Japanese bigotry in Australia.

Post-structuralism: A marxist alternative

In part one of a two-part series, Tony Sullivan draws on Hegel and Lukacs to defend the crucial concepts of historical materialism, labour and truth against the post-structuralists.

Stalin’s industrialisation and the myth of the planned economy

Anne Picot debunks the commonly held idea that the USSR was an example of a planned economy.

Nestor Makhno: the failure of anarchism (old)

Mick Armstrong dismantles the romanticism surrounding Makhno with a study of his activity during the Russian Civil War.

Marx and the communal village

David Glanz responds critically to Tom O'Lincoln's piece on Mariategui in the previous edition of the Socialist Review.